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Important Notices & Updates for members from the Committee

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We have a new CD out!

15 fantastic pieces for £10. Bag yours now before they all go!

We would like to thank all of you who came along to support us at the Radcliffe on Trent Charity Carnival, recently. Our next concerts will be in October

  See the Events Diary for more details
See Events Diary for information on future performances.

The trip was a fantastic success and we have plenty of photographs to share, which are in the process of being put up on the site. You can view a selection of photos on our Facebook page. There is also a video of a joint performance of Cantique’ with local choir, Vent Du Large
The Choir has rolled its collective sleeves up, and is getting down to the business of learning a plethora of new material for the Royal Albert Hall, in October 2016. We have additional rehearsals twice a month, now, and even homework to get on top over during our summer recess.
Video and photos under the Activities menu.

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