Our next performances will be for our Christmas Charity Concerts at St Mary’s Church, Radcliffe On Trent, on Saturday 20th December 2014. A corresponding gallery of our Christmas sponsors’ adverts has also been uploaded. See Events Diary for information on future performances.

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An amazing sample of Radcliffe on Trent Male Voice Choir in full voice! Little Innocent Lamb

A cappella – A standard of the choral repertoire, this setting has a gentleness and an infectious inner rhythm that sings with honesty and clarity directly to the heart.
(arr. Marshall Bartholomew)

A rendition of The Peacemakers in St Mary’s Church, Radcliffe-on-Trent, 07 August 2014.

Waldo Williams, a Pembrokeshire-born poet, wrote Y Tangnefeddwyr, translated as The Peacemakers, in 1941, after witnessing the bombing of Swansea which was targeted by the German Luftwaffe on three successive nights in February that year. The Croydon Male Voice Choir have some excellent background on their website: http://www.croydonmalevoicechoir.co.uk/2010-11-21-14-37-30.

Although this piece is set in WW2, we thought that its mood and content fitted with the WW1 theme.

Recent Concert News and Updates

Sophie Hinson, Violinist, pictured at East Leake on 15 November 2014, with Eleanora and Victoria. Also pictured: Martin Heartfield, the Musical Director of the Blidworth Welfare. The Band makes a welcome return for our Christmas Concert, on 20 December 2014, and we very much look forward to Martin leading the audience participation, once more!