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Initially, the term skins may apply in several areas. Traditionally speaking, skins may refer to animal hides or leather, but in the field of computing, which is the main focus here, free forum skins generally refer to design schemes that are applied on top of the user interfaces. In addition, free forum skins are custom illustrative manifestations that can be commonly applied to particular software and web sites. This process is done to jibe the different tastes of different users. Such process of writing or applying skins, which is also useful for free forum skins, is called skinning. Most free forum skins that are applied make the program more aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, but sometimes, applying free forum skins changes the look and feel of the software.

It is often noted that the most familiar customized free forum skins are applied for instant messengers and media players. Examples of these are the AOL Instant Messenger and Winamp. These customized free forum skins are the result of the juxtaposition with fun that both programs try to stimulate. Many web sites that offer free forum skins are likely to become skinnable because of their interactive capabilities.

In the place of web sites that offer free forum skins, some sites offered free forum skins that will make primary cosmetic changes, while other web sites offered free forum skins and allow major changes to the layout of pages. For instance, the use of XML and XSLT in installing free forum skins usually promotes major revisions of the layout, while CSS can be applied from free forum skins to easily provide several different visual trends.

In the place of forums, moreover, free forum skins can either be an image which is applied to texture a member’s avatar, or it can be a 3D model which defines the avatar. Most of the free forum skins are popular, specifically to those gaming free forums that have free forum skins, because at this site many hundreds of players created free forum skins, ranging from television characters to more complex fictional creatures.

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