Want To Start A Website? The Basics…

Want To Start A Website? The Basics…

In this day and age, possessing a presence on the Internet is a common approach to the ever-changing trends regarding personal, social, and business ventures. For some, one can navigate the ins and outs of the World Wide Web in their sleep, while others need to familiarize themselves with the basics. When it comes to starting your own website, there are certain fundamental aspects of the process that are necessary for anyone to know. Below you will find the building blocks that will help you create your own site on the Web:

Domain Name

After you have decided the purpose of your website, you will need to come up with a domain name. This is the identity that people will encounter when searching for or visiting your site. As you think long and hard about what to call your site, you should know that many domain names are already taken. Depending on your website aim, you may be able to tweak letters, use numbers, or change the spelling in order to distinguish yourself from other websites. The domain name should also be easy to spell and remember. Before you fall in love with the name of your choice, you may check to see if it is taken by sneaking a peak at a “whois” Internet directory.

Domain Name Registration

To lay your claim on an available domain name, you must pay a fee to have it registered. Depending on the extension you choose or who you pay to register your domain, you could disburse varying costs from $9.99 to more than $500 per year. Some of the domain extensions to consider include .com, .net, or. org.

Web Hosting

After your domain name becomes registered, you will need to find a web host. A host is a server that allows you to store the data of your website so you may access it whenever you wish. Comparison shopping will prove beneficial in locating the best price for you. There are tons of web hosts looking to take advantage of unsuspecting, new web owners.

Website Publishing

In order to publish your site, you may need the help of tutorials and website wizards to assist you in creating your online presence. While some people spend time learning HTML or CSS, others turn to the ease of ready-made templates that allow consumers to simply type in their own information while enjoying a pre-scripted visual arrangement. Major businesses and those who desire a unique look for their site will hire a professional to generate their website. A variety of applications are used in this process, including Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Flash, and Dreamweaver. Some people may also create a simple page through Microsoft Word.

While the above concepts are quite basic when starting a website, others will prove more challenging. Promoting a site and generating traffic now becomes a common issue. Your next step will be to learn the ropes of getting your site listed with major search engines; marketing; and driving traffic to your site.